Your Trustworthy ODM Partner

By combining engineering competence with design capabilities, ODM/Mesoca is a trustworthy partner for our ODM clients. We manufacture innovative products which deliver higher ROI with lower resource requirement, while maintaining the highest qualities. Our streamlined ODM workflow also accelerates time-to-market for our clients.

From key components to complete systems, ODM/Mesoca provides unique design with our specialized technology. ODM@Mesoca also respects our customers’ domain expertise and applies their concepts in tailor-made solutions. The large number of successful product engagements and long-term partnerships are a testament to our commitment in the ODM business.

Mesoca's Capabilites for ODM Business

Standard Workflow

From project initiation to after-sales service, ODM/Mesoca pays attention to all details to ensure both quality and schedule requirements are met for our clients. After understanding customers’ needs fully, we issue the precise specifications and quotations for our customers’ approval. Once an agreement has been reached, we will start developing the prototype products.

Product quality is always our top priority. We will thoroughly scrutinize prototype products and engage with third-party testing centers to conduct comprehensive testing. The products will go into batch manufacturing only after all the tests have been passed. Our efforts in quality assurance will carry to the manufacturing stage, where we implement standard ERP systems to conduct material management.

Finally, before final delivery, every manufactured item has to undergo various verification tests./

Engineering Capabilities

Technology research and product development are two main areas in which ODM/Mesoca invests the most. ODM/Mesoca specializes in the following areas:
Consumer Electronics
Medical Electronics
Lifestyle Electronics
Embedded systems development and integration

Industrial Design

ODM/Mesoca’s ID partner is capable of designing diverse enclosures based on customer requests. We want to make sure that our customers are satisfied with look-and-feel of the final products. Whether avant-garde or classic, the customers’ desired designs can be made to reality.

Innovative Solutions & Technology

ODM Exclusive Model will be supplied to our clients to support their business success continuty.